Cost of Living in USA

Congrats for getting USA offer,

Who is new to USA always worried about Cost of living in USA. Question is always open ended but I can understand what you are looking for. If you are coming with family of course in that case you are saving less.

It will start from Visa
First on which Visa you are going to work? L1 Employer will pay taxes and u will get net salary, H1 you will pay taxes.(H1 and L1 you get regular Salary, so you will pay taxes). B1 you will get Per Diem.

1. Salary: It totally depends on your experience and market demand. Most tricky part which state you are going to work. e.g if you are getting 60k in FL it is equal to get salary 80-85K in NY due to state Taxes and living expenses.
But you can check approx net salary on

2. I can tell your avg expenses:
Rent 1-2bhk: $900-1000(location dependent)
Rent Check:
 Grocery: $300-500
Utility/Phone/Intenet Bills: $150. 
Health Insurance: $250(Depend on plan and employer), 
You will need car and you can buy it from Dealer or Online. Check for true car price.
Car Insurance $60/month Avg.
Car Gas: $60-$200($3/Gal)
On an Avg you can expect 1800-2500 monthly expense.
I am talking about Family consist of 2-3 members. It depends on your living standard, you can manage in $1200 as well.
You can check Cost of living

3. Net Salary depends with whom you are working. Desi company $3600-4200 Salary.
But it totally depends on employer what he is offering  
Four Taxes you are going to pay: Federal Withholding: 25%, Social Security: 4.2%, Medicare: 1.45% and State Tax: 5-7% if applicable NH, FL, TX, AZ doesn't have taxes.

Three Things you will need to survive:) just kidding. important things for you in US: 1 Ph, 2.Credit Card(Ask ur employer ), 3. Driving License.

Hope you got the expected answer. You can always search online for any help or question.

Experienced NRI