How to Avoid Insurance Claim Rejection of Your Car

These days denial of insurance claim on motor vehicles is getting increasingly common. They constitute to the majority of consumer cases in consumer forums and courts. Here we are covering the important points you should keep in mind while purchasing insurance for your vehicle and while you make a claim.

Provide authentic documents.
While purchasing insurance most of the customers negotiate for discounts which results in agent or executive suggesting unfair means to get the same. One such common method in vehicle insurance is a fake No Claim Bonus (NCB) certificate while purchasing a new insurance policy. The insurance agent believes it and gives you a 20% discount.
But if unfortunate events happen and you put a claim on your new insurer he does all the checks including your NCB claim on the previous policy. And this is where they would find a reason to reject. Remember, Insurance companies usually do not do these checks while selling you the insurance (which they should ideally do) and trust you for all that you say but they check every single document when it comes to passing a claim. Looking from economic perspective this makes sense too! So if we give wrong information or fake document to purchase a policy then we are actually buying a piece of paper of no value.

Do not lie to claim investigation officer.
This is most important; tell the exact incidence, even if you think that a slight modification would save you lots of questions or money. Remember claim officers inspect 10 – 15 cases a day and are well experienced to identify the truth. On finding things fishy they may submit a negative report.

Purchase commercial insurance
If your vehicle is used commercially. Its only slightly expensive (about 8 – 10%) but in the unfortunate condition will get you the claim. And people who use popularly commercial vehicles like Indica DLE, Tavera, Qualis, TATA Sumoetc. need to patient for getting claims as more than usual investigations are done for such vehicles under private motor vehicle insurance.

File your claim and keep communicating
File your claim and keep communicating with your insurer while they process it in order to assist them if something is missing or incomplete and henceforth avoiding any rejection. Also it is advisable to maintain a photocopy of all the documents or written communication that you do.