Ways to Make Your Credit Cards Work for You

Is financial management too difficult practically? Not really, if you take little care of your transactions. We keep watching and listening to news informing how credit card debts have ruined the credibility and financial discipline of people. But, do not fret! We could solve this problem for you, if you keep some points in mind. Managing credit card does not need a degree in finance. It’s all about a few important steps, so that credit cards can actually prove to be your asset.

Let us have a justified view of what could be the plusses and the minuses of various actions that relate to credit card transactions.

Case Where Credit Card Transactions Can Work Against You & Ways to Avoid Them

1) When you overspend

Research proves that credit card owners spend more compared to when cash transactions take place. But, make sure that this does not result in some negativity for you. A non judicious spending results in expenses to such an extent that you are unable to bear the amount when the bill payment time comes. Do not get carried away by this easy swipe money as this can go against you.

How to avoid

  • Fix up a limit for your expenses through credit card.
2) When you think of paying only minimum due amount

The minimum due amount is a real trap. Credit card companies normally calculate and mention such amount. However in reality, these are not meant for your benefit, but theirs. By paying only the minimum due amount, you land yourselves in trouble as the unpaid amount of the bill generates attracts interest, service tax as well as late payment fees. The charges are huge. Remember, minimum due amount is only meant to keep your card running.

How to avoid

  • Pay full amount of the bill generated before the due date.
  • Pay minimum due amount only in the months when you do not have enough funds.

3) When you use department store credit cards

One thing definitely works as a disadvantage in case of department store cards i.e. the soaring rate of interest. What you can see apparently is the discount rate that is offered to you on your departmental store purchases, but actually such cards do not work best for you in spite of the discounts. However, a sound strategy may help you have an edge sometimes. Find out how, below.

How to avoid

  • Use of these at home improvement stores including Lowe’s and Home Depot, which offer interest free purchases on these cards for a year or half.
  • Make use of the ordinary credit card rather than the department one to have a better deal
  • If you use any department store card, pay off the full balance due to avoid the mounting interest pressure.

The key to making Credit Cards work for you

If you properly adhere to the avoiding tips mentioned above, life can work easy for you financially. However, it is always good to be clear about the basics for making the credit card transactions beneficial in an ultimate sense. Make your life easy with a correct usage of credit card and take care a few below mentioned points:

  • Always pay the full balance generated each month.
  • Keep credit cards of business transactions separate from those of personal transactions
  • Use balance transfers to save your interest expenditure