Salary Trend in India, How much you can expect!

Indian IT professional’s salary increase one of the highest in world

According to recently released 2007 salary survey, typical Indian software professional got an average salary increase of 18.7% in 2007, an improvement over 18.3% increase recorded in the previous year.
This is revealed by a nation-wide survey carried out by IDC India for CyberMedia group’s flagship publication, covering 2,806 IT professionals. This number is one of the highest in the world. Compare this to roughly 2.7% to 3.3% average salary increase in US.

Employee Break-up by Salary and Experience

The average annual salary drops from Rs 5.7 lakh to Rs 5.4 lakh, despite the average hike touching 19.8%, with aggressive hiring of freshers at basic salary levels
(Dataquest survey)

Difference between Gross Salary and Net Salary

Gross Salary is inclusive of all the remuneration payable to an employee.
while Net salary is only the take-home salary. i.e, Gross salary earned minus the deductions towards ESI, EPF, PT, Insurance etc..

Cost To the Company (CTC): all the expenses to calculate the CTC of an employee i.e.

1. All the components of the salary.
2. All the perks that are being given for the candidate (i.e) - bonus, incentives, reimbursement of medical/telephone/petrol, benefits extended thro' various schemes like housing/vehicle/furniture/ A/C/ etc....
3. All the contributions that the company makes for the employees like PF,SUPER ANNUATION, GRATUITY,MEDICAL INSURANCE, ETC. should also be included in calculating the CTC of an employee.

Take Home Salary
Take a simple example of take-home salary calculation. For this, from the gross package one has to deduct professional tax, income tax, mediclaim premium, investment in tax saving instruments and provident fund contribution from the total salary
As you can see when Total salary increases Percantage of Actual or Take home salary goes down.

So take care when you discuss your CTC with HR.

Latest salary package for freshers in MNC...

Figure in Lacs/Annum

Caritor ---------------------------2
Computer Associates------------4.5
DE Shaw--------------------------6
Fiorano ---------------------------5
Flextronics (HSS) ---------------3
Google ---------------------------12
GE --------------------------------3
HCL ------------------------------2
Hexaware -----------------------2.1
IBM ------------------------------5
Impulsesoft ---------------------4.5
Interra Systems ----------------4.6
Induslogic -----------------------4.2
Infosys Systems ----------------1.8
Kanbay --------------------------3.25
Kritical ---------------------------5.6
MBT ------------------------------2.5
Microsoft ------------------------7.8
Mindtree ------------------------3
Motorola ------------------------3.6
Oracle ---------------------------4.2
Patni(PCS) ----------------------1.7
Perot ----------------------------2.5
Polaris ---------------------------2
SAP Labs ------------------------4
Samsung ------------------------4.6
Satyam --------------------------2.25
STM -----------------------------4.5
Sun Microsystems --------------5.0
Syntel ---------------------------2.05
Tata Elxsi -----------------------1.9
Tavant --------------------------3.6
TCS -----------------------------1.8
T-Mobile ------------------------8.0
Trilogy --------------------------7.5
Verizon -------------------------3
Virtusa --------------------------2.4
Wipro ---------------------------2.1

This is not a conclusive / affirmative data. This is just provided for reading purpose., no claims, guarantees on the accuracy of the above data is given.